Dr. Noeen Arshad


Dr. Noeen Arshad brings 20 years of pediatric dental experience and a highly decorated professional career to All Smiles Harrisonburg. His accomplishments and credentials bring confidence to parents and his warm and tender personality brings comfort to his infant through young adult patients.

Dr. Arshad is a board certified pediatric dentist and has a masters of science degree in orthodontics. This combination of specialties allows him to evaluate your child’s growth and development from a pediatric dental perspective and from an orthodontic perspective as your child’s teeth change with growth and development.

Through his involvement in academic teaching over eight years, Dr. Arshad has enjoyed giving back to up and coming pediatric dentists and orthodontists. He continued to give back by offering a one-month pediatric dental residency in his own office where the interns were exposed to all aspects of pediatric dentistry including procedures under sedation dentistry. He also has a passion in working with a team in the hospital setting for the management of infants born with facial deformities, including cleft lip and cleft palate. This is a passion that he hopes to continue and will bring a lot of value to the entire state of Virginia because of his specialized expertise.

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