Preparing Your Mouth For Dentures

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Preparing Your Mouth for Dentures

Harrisonburg Oral Surgeon

Upon coming to the conclusion that dentures are the best option for your dental health, the first step will be to prepare your mouth for dentures. This involves extracting all remaining teeth and shaping the bone so that your dentures will fit well. Your dentures can be delivered to you on the same day that your mouth is prepared for dentures so you never go without teeth. Implants are an excellent option when considering dentures for replacing all of your teeth. Implants can be placed into your jaw and your denture can lock onto them. By having your denture lock onto implants, it gives you significant improvement in fit, comfort, and functionality. Without implants, the bone that your dentures fit onto will degenerate over time. Implants keep this from happening. They will also help maintain the shape of your face so that your lips remain fuller and more natural looking.

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